Conveyancing made easier

license conveyancerAre you looking for someone who can help you to buy or sell your house or property? Then you have to contact a conveyancer. Yes! A conveyancer is the one who will help you with the transfer of legal title of your property to anyone else who is interested in your property. So now you must be wondering why a conveyancer and why not a solicitor?

Well! Solicitors may take up the conveyancing works but they are not professionals and you may also end up paying a huge amount of money, whereas conveyancers are professionals who specialize in property transfer without any legal risks. You can find the best conveyancers at Signature Conveyancers. They have conveyancers all over the city. So you can find conveyancers even at say Eltham, known as Conveyancer Eltham.

So now if you are interested in a property, all you have to do is forward a copy of Section 32 to the office. The conveyancers here will take look at the documents and give you feedback. Once you accept the offer then the required paperwork will take place. Wondering what section 32 is? Section 32, also known as vendor’s statement is a statement that should be attached to every contract for sale in the land of Victoria. It gives detailed information about the property so that the client is able to make an informed decision.

You are assured of the following services if you select Signature Conveyancers:

  • examination of Section 32 (Vendors Statement) and Contract of sale
  • making investigations about the property and gathering certificates
  • communicating with your bank about the loans or fund transfer
  • preparing the documents required for Transfer of Land
  • arranging settlement with all parties involved
  • preparing statement of adjustments
  • notifying concerned authorities about the property purchase
  • regular communication with you on the progress of your purchase, and other tasks as required.

You might be wondering why choose Signature Conveyancers? Here is the answer to your question.

  • They have a fixed fee for their service. The total fee that will be required will be revealed upfront so that there will not be any hidden charges.
  • They provide you specialized services. They specialize exclusively in conveyancing and have a great reputation in this field.
  • They provide you services at affordable prices. They are not too expensive and they also do not cut back on the services for the less amount of money.
  • The working hours of their office are flexible and they are well known in providing prompt services.
  • If you are not a local resident and stay far away, then they will help you with property purchase by mailing all the required information. They will also answer your calls outside of business hours to make sure you get all information you need.

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a property sale or purchase then contact Signature conveyancers today. You can relax and concentrate on your work and leave the concern of your property to Signature Conveyancers.