Cost of Wood Pellets – A Quick Analysis Through Potential Costs!

Wood PelletsIn this modern era, we tend to live with many energy policies. According to experts, energy policies will force you to make tough decisions, analyze benefits and weight down costs. If you are a budget conscious home owner, effective energy policies will help you pass through the financial road like an expert! A very common topic discussed in energy policies, would be the use of pellet stoves! Over the past few years, wood pellets have delighted homeowners with effective yet affordable heating options. For instance, you can operate a pellet stove at USD 200 per month. In this article, you will read about the cost of wood pellets and pellet stoves!

Benefits of Wood Pellet Stoves

Wood pellets have topped the list of cost-effective energy resources. Pellets are linked with three major benefits. Here is a quick review through these pros:

1)      Wooden pellets must be used if you want a cleaner and greener environment.

2)      The effective heating element is recognized as a cost effective means of energy.

3)      Wooden pellets can be used to save energy in a hassle free order.

Effective wood pellet stoves can be used as an alternative against electric and coal-based heating gears.  However, the heating element does have a high set-up cost. This makes pellet stoves the market’s trickiest and expensive option for heating. So the next time you think of heating, pellet stoves may not be your cup of tea, if you are not ready to invest at least USD 1000 in a single go!

Operational cost versus Initial Cost

Although the set up cost of pellet stoves cannot be included with its operational cost, budget conscious homeowners must be aware of this initial cost! This is because you must cut down a prudent amount of money from your savings. Technically, the operational cost of wood pellet stoves can be neglected. However, the installation cost would range between USD 3500 to USD 5000! According to potential users, the unit’s set up cost is worth several electric heaters.

Technical stats

Moving on, these stoves run with wood pellets. The wood pellets would cost few dollars per 1000kg! Usually, wood pellets can be bought at USD 250 per ton. On the other hand, cords of wood would cost at least USD 300. On an average, when you use wood pellets you will have the wit to save at least 15% from your energy bills. Also, pellet stoves are much more efficient than traditional wood stoves. The narrow gap between wood pellet stoves and conventional pellet stoves will depend on the availability of resources in your region. If your neighborhood has more resources, you will be able to cut down your fuel bills extensively.

Relative cost output

Finally, remember to compare the cost of wood pellet stoves with other heating elements, with “Relative Cost Output” in your mind. At a fuel rate of USD 200 per ton, pellet stoves would produce energy worth USD 15 million every year. This sums to an efficiency rate of 85%!

Ultimate bottom line

If you are new to the world of wood pellet stoves, think twice and check if you have lots of room for these stoves!