Electrical services of the highest standards!

Electrical servicesEveryone experiences electrical issues at some point of time. Having a good electrical service just a call away is very beneficial to overcome any such electrical problems. RAW Electrical is your perfect choice for fixing any issues concerned with electricity.

They have serviced areas from Ryde to North Shore for many years both in domestic and commercial sectors too. They can service a wide range of electrical troubles such as data, telephone, sub-mains, upgrades, installation and repairs. The services provided by them are as follows:

  • Data – Their electricians can install a network either for your home or office. They will wire an Internet or a phone line from your patch panel to your different points. These installations include computer line and cat5 installations.
  • MDF Connections – They also help out with MDF JUMPERING, in which they will connect the desired line to your home or office at a fixed rate.
  • Telephone Lines – Extra outlets or the extra phone lines can easily come in handy, whether you want to use it for a new number or just for a connection to another point.
  • Repairs and Maintenance – This service is broadly termed as fault finding. If you are having any problems with your electrical or phone lines, RAW electricians will sort them out for you in a jiffy.
  • Maintenance – Your fittings can be easily fixed by them or if they need replacement, they can be replaced too. Be it any issue, namely smoke alarm checks, globe replacement, safety checks and reports, emergency lighting, exit tests, servicing, repairs or rewiring, each of them can be carefully attended by these electricians.
  • Installations – Electrical upgrades such as allotting new and extra power points or new switches can be easily taken care of for you. Any such accommodations with the right solution to meet all your electrical needs can be carried out by the RAW electricians. Both interior and exterior switching light fittings can be accomplished by RAW’s trained professionals.
  • New Upgrades For Switch Boards – Conventional switch boards may falter on safety factor in present times. You can switch from old fuses and circuit breakers to safety switch i.e. R.C.D. It will offer you peace of mind from any hazardous calamity that may outbreak.
  • they can install smoke detectors that have cleared compliance certificates to ensure safety against fire hazards
  • for higher power outlets you need bigger outlets which can be provided by them
  • they can provide 3 phase upgrades and mount wall TV with no wires seen
  • coaxial cabling can be laid by RAW services
  • new antenna points wherever you need them can be placed
  • Security lighting provided by them helps remove any unwanted lighting options such as sensors, PE cells, timer etc.
  • Renovations – Renovating any part of your house, be it your bathroom or kitchen, can be done by RAW electricians, who can work to smoothen the job.

With all of the above mentioned features to offer RAW electricians are the best professionals you can hire. So if you are experiencing electrical issues, do not hesitate, give them a call.