Espresso Finishes for all your refinishing needs

refinishing kitchen cabinetsEach one of us is overtly conscious in maintaining a perfect home. Everyone goes to great lengths to ensure that. Maintaining homes has several facets to it. Showcasing quality cabinets in our homes is one such facet. And Espresso Finishes is here to guarantee the best possible cabinets for your homes.

Homeowners who have dated cabinets, be it any section of the house, can use the expertise of Espresso Finishes to experience, something they term, as cabinet refinishing. Replacing entire cabinets in your house can be very costly. Espresso Finishes can provide you with high quality and durable cabinets without even replacing the doors and drawers. Be it refinishing kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets or any other kind of additional refinishing to your rooms, these tasks can be efficiently done by them.

They guarantee you the following –

  • It is a non-invasive process: They do not replace the cabinets. So there is no deconstruction or demolition. You can even leave your items in the drawers. There is hardly any disruption to your kitchen.
  • Very economical: Espresso Finishes do not replace your cabinet doors and drawers. Hence, there is less cost of materials and also it requires less labour to refinish your cabinet against replacing them.
  • Durable finish: The commercial grade coating used by them is extremely durable. Once refinished your cabinets will look as good as new.
  • Eco-Friendly and low VOC: Often the question that pops in a homeowner’s mind is ‘Is it safe to undergo refinishing of the cabinets?’ But you can rest assured that during their entire process, your home will remain completely habitable, with no harmful odours and toxins present in the materials used for refinishing. This keeps your family safe and also helps sustain our planet.

Some of the types of refinishing offered by Espresso Finishes for your rooms are as listed below.

  • Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing – Many of your homes may still be using the original cabinets that must have been installed several years ago when your homes were built, only they might have been refinished over time. Cabinet refinishing is a very cost-effective method that can be used by you to improve the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Your kitchen can be transformed into a beautiful space which can be showcase to family, friends and guests.
  • Bathroom Vanity and Cabinet Refinishing – Your bathroom is a very important room in your home. Once it has been refinished in accordance to many of the available templates offered by Espresso Finishes, you will display one of the finest spaces in your homes. Along with improving the aesthetic appeal, their cabinet finishes are durable and water-resistant too.
  • Additional Refinishing – Apart from bathroom and kitchen refinishing, they also provide finishing to cabinets in your home’s other rooms too. Whether you want to upgrade your laundry room, entertainment centre or the library, you can choose one from the various elegant designs they offer to help your home truly stand out.

Espresso Finishes is a 30 year old, family-owned business, whose past endeavours are a testament of the fact that they are truly passionate for beautiful design and creativity. Providing cabinet refinishing services in all of Tampa, Florida region, Espresso is a name to be reckoned with.