The best window cleaning service in Melbourne

window cleaning serviceThere’s no window cleaning job that’s hard for window cleaning Eltham. With over 10 years of exceptional service and dirt-free effects, Sun Window Cleaning takes care of residential and commercial cleaning services right through the greater Melbourne area, as well as Philip Island and the Mornington Peninsula.

With a reliable, careful, safe, fully equipped and completely insured team, the package is effective and reasonably priced and that seems to keep windows clean all through the year. Regardless of how small or big the work involves, every client is provided the same thoroughness that reflects the service made available.

The services offered at Sun Window Cleaning

Domestic Window Cleaning

Sun Window Cleaning takes great pleasure in cleaning every type of window and for all sizes and types of homes. Besides, for a house that is on sale, sparkling windows additionally attach a value to the property. The cleaning schedule consists of frames, sills, fly screens and the removal of cobwebs, if any. Moreover, the technicians are completely conscious in treating of different kinds of glass and shades and are cautious while they are being done. The equipments that are available help in reaching most windows that are high and the workers also make sure they safely used at all times. For cleaning the inside and outer surface of every window or maybe a few, the team is content in assisting well.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Sun Window Cleaning makes sure that the windows of the businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, schools, shops, offices and retired homes make an impression of being the best. Therefore, the cleaning schedule is maintained in appropriation and the everyday flow of work is not disrupted. Properties for rent and sale such as apartments, holiday homes and vacancy homes cleanings are also taken care off.

Shower Screen Cleaning

Sun Window Cleaning is capable of cleaning and treating shower screens and the same kinds of glass exteriors by preventing them from being dull, stained with water and hard for cleaning. However, if they are already spoilt, it is capable of being cleaned and renewed by getting rid of contaminants, such as detergents, oils, scale and lime from their surfaces in due course, prior to them becoming damaged permanently. After treatment the surfaces keep water away and the contaminants are carried off as well, with the surface being sealed to avoid staining.

Cleaning is simple, whether be it repair or prevention since scrubbing is not required. It only takes water and a swab with a squeegee or cloth. On brand new glass, the treatment has a 10-year warranty period, and for presently existing glass which is able to be revived frequently, a 5-year warranty period is offered.

High Pressure Cleaning

An extremely efficient method of reviving the property is by the use of high pressure cleaning. Services are offered for only the need for a tidy-up or for getting the property prepared for sale. The areas covered are paths, fences, tennis courts, caravans, swimming pool surroundings, driveways and wash downs of the whole house.