Why should you choose Floor Tape HQ?

floor markingsNowadays, a new market of floor marking tapes is flourishing rapidly. This market is replacing the market of paints, as they are efficient, portable and easy to install. Unlike colour paint which gets damaged by time and chipped off, these tapes are made with break-resistant technology and capable of withstanding many difficult situations. These tapes are available in a wide range of colours and sizes, so they can meet any of your industrial needs. Their durability makes them great for heavy traffic places too. If you shop online, you may find many sellers. One of the best among them is Floor Tape HQ.

About them

You must be thinking that why they are so special. Well, they have the highest quality and a wide range of tapes which can accomplish all your safety or may be any work-related need. They are also very famous for delivering the most durable tape material for any kind of industrial work.

This company is dedicated to providing only industrial level marking tapes, so you can think about the performance factor that they offer. Not only do they provide you the best material within the deadline, but also at an affordable price with a great system of pre/post client support for any kinds of guidance. You can easily take part in their live chat, call or email them for any assistance you want. They also give a 100% money back guarantee for every product which shows their confidence in their every product.

In this section, you will get to know about few of the best selling markers.

Floor sign

This is a unique product offered by this company, which can be the simplest way to mark safety measures. You just have to peel these pictorial stickers and place it on the floor where you want them to be. Its strong adhesive made from acrylic will bind itself with the floor strongly and you don’t have to worry about it anymore for many years. They are designed in a unique manner to resist damage even in heavy traffic areas. Few examples of these floor signs are given below –

  • Forklift crossing
  • Danger-High voltage
  • Ear protection required
  • Fire extinguisher
  • No smoking
  • First aid.

Floor tape

The floor tape from this company is called PermaStripe. It is the most break resistant, thickest and strongest tape in the present market. It maintains a very low profile as it prevents tripping hazard at the place where the floor is not even. It has a thickness of 45 mils and its dual side tapered edges make sure that industrial movable components like wheels and pallets don’t stick with the tape. It is specially designed with very rigid kind of industrial grade material to serve the needs of your warehouse floors. They are available in eleven different colours and three different sizes, i.e. 2”, 3” and 4”. It also comes with a warranty of two years.

In this competitive market, you may find various types of various stores, but the tapes you will find in this company are strong, easy to use and reliable. Unlike many other online sellers, this company will also provide you with pre and post client assistant and are always happy to answer your queries.